Friday October 5 2012

Titled “Future Vintage,” the Private Stock F/W 2012 Collection pays homage to vintage/antique clothing while maintaining its ideology of progressive fashion for the future. As opposed to “vintage” clothing in which classic silhouettes are aged to create an old feel and look, Private Stock takes progressive modern silhouettes and then takes those items through the vintage process. Essentially what we are offering is product in Fall 2012 that is designed for 2015 with the effect and finish as if the product was allowed to age until 2030. We are going back to the future and back again. Several different methods were employed to accomplish the “vintage”process. In creating the collection we tried to avoid the traditional method of garment wash and destruction to attain the “vintage” feel. Instead of simply washing these items, we attained “vintage” by constructing items with raw edge finishes matched with washed appliqués to create the feeling of age without destroying or wearing out the garment. As opposed to garment washing, we experimented with washing, burning, and fraying fabrics and trims individually pre-construction. The shirts and jackets are fabricated using refined luxurious fabrics and materials, while some of the silhouettes are free forming, allowing for some drape and body in select styles to reinforce post-modern future look. The concept of “vintage” is also touched upon in terms of referencing “classic” prints and artwork. The knits show maturity and age through nostalgic styled weaves and patterns while several sweaters are washed and dyed by hand to create vintage effect. These treated wool fabrics and vintage patterned fabrics are also used to create equestrian rider pants with oversized chunky sweater rib cuffs to compliment to future vintage look. A collection of “vintage” bags and briefcases were developed with futuristic styling and raw edge finishes. An example is the use of washed Italian calf leather pieced together into a madras pattern and then used to make an I-pad/laptop sleeve. Once again, the meeting of the old and new world mixed together to create a new product that stands to represent itself as “Future Vintage.” >>F/W 2012 COLLECTION LOOKBOOK