Monday July 8 2013

My colleagues found a picture of me from my old high school yearbook and next to my photograph was a quote that I had written back during high school. The quote read – “We take a handful of sand from the endless landscapes of life and we call that handful of sand the world.” As I began to read these words, a surge of memories ran through my mind. A range of emotions struck me immediately from a grey sadness of how fast time has past. As well as an intense moment of reflection of how lucky I was to have the opportunities and experiences that I have had in my young lifetime. I couldn’t believe how at such a young age I have always seemed to “challenge” life and myself. Here I am 12 years later reading this quote and doing exactly what I set out to do: and that is to walk the road less travelled and create my own roads and leave my own footprints. I was asked what exactly does this quote mean? When I wrote this I was a young teenager going to a school that is considered the #1 intellectual high school and academic competition madhouse known as Stuyvesant High School located in downtown NYC. This is the school that wins every single math and science competition in the last several decades and known as the #1 breeding house for most placements into Ivy League Universities in the nation. In this school there were truly geniuses and prodigy’s sitting amongst each other in classrooms. But there was one problem. I felt that the academic competition created this tunnel vision amongst all the students. Everyone “needed” to have the highest grades, the highest SAT scores, the most extra curricular hours on record, etc. I became really frustrated with the system, and the demands of this academic atmosphere and so when I graduated I wrote this single quote. We take a handful of sand from the endless landscapes of life and call this handful of sand the world. The world does not revolve around getting into Harvard. If we don’t get perfect scores on our SAT’s, life will continue. What we know and see is just a small handful of sand from an endless beach of knowledge and experiences. Sometimes we need to look beyond this handful of sand and let ourselves engulf in all the great things the world and life has to offer. *** Here are some photographs I took on a recent trip to Jamaica. Life is beautiful, open your senses and enjoy!