Monday July 1 2013

On the plane now heading to Tokyo. One of the few times where I have an opportunity to wind down, listen to some music, and let my mind relax. Currently I’m a big fan of Lykke Li… And I’m addicted to “I follow rivers,” maybe I’m late but good music is good music… As I listen to the lyrics I can’t help to think about the lyrics and how they can apply to me. After my long tough trip through mainland China, I’m beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel or in this case the end of the river? Oddly enough, water is a very superstitious matter in Chinese culture. Water is considered the roots of life and nature.

Everything around us starts, thrives, and continues to evolve because of water. In business, the Chinese believe water is related to prosperity and business success. Thus, many superstitious Chinese have ponds and waterfalls in their homes and offices. Now as I think back to the horrible mind state I was in several weeks back – I feel that I got out of my slump by following the water or in this case – following rivers. Water can be calm or it can be quite rough – but life is also that way – and whenever in doubt – just follow the river or follow your heart and your natural intuitions. Because the unbiased natural way or direction seems to end up being the best way. As you follow your own rivers always remember that rivers all lead to great open space and if you follow your mind and soul you will undoubtedly allow yourself to be free to enjoy your life and great energy. Here is an old picture of a river I found hiking through the hills of Jamaica a few years back.